Weight Loss Program

Rehabilitation of disabled persons

Main focus of Shree Shanidham Trust is to always help and support poor & needy people. Though State Govt. is running quite many schemes for the social welfare of disabled people but there is large number of population of handicapped people in Rural regions are unable to fulfill the requirements asked in these schemes. Such parts of society where health facilities are inaccessible, for rehabilitation, growth and support of such hapless disabled people every month Shree Shanidham Trust organizes a social welfare program in rural areas spread in Rajasthan like siroi, Pali, Jalore, Ajmer, Nagore etc. under the guidance and support of Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj in which about 500 clutches, artificial limbs and 40 tricycles are distributed. For their moral and social support Trust also donates them Rs. 300 per month, 10 Kg of wheat grains, clothes. Also Trust:

  • Organizes various vocational training courses especially for disabled people so that they can lead independent lives.
  • Every year Daati Ji Solemnizes Mass marriage of disabled people. Blesses them by providing all basic home utilities like ornaments, kitchen wares, clothes utensils, furniture etc. and enables each couple to embark on the journey of life.
  • For assistance free medical check-up facility is provided to them.