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Benefits to conserve water:

Environmental benefits include eco system and habitat protection.

Water conservation helps in improving the quality of drinking water.

If you save water it can save your money bills.

Technical methods to conserve water:

Rain water harvesting

Historical water bodies


Eco parks

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting techniques to augment ground water Fresh water is scarce

Of the total water on earth, only 3% constitutes freshwater. Rest is saline water in the oceans.

11% of the total freshwater on earth is groundwater available upto a depth of 800m which can be extracted for use.

Mindless extraction and over exploitation of very small quantity of this precious nature resource has caused a rapid depletion and deterioration in its quantity and quality both.

Methods and techniques for ground water recharge

Urban Areas

Roof Top Rain Water / run off harvesting through

Recharge Pit

Recharge Trench


Rural Areas

Rain Water Harvesting through

Gully Plug

Contour Bund

Gabion Structure

Percolation tank

Check Dam/ Cement Plug/ Nala Bund

Recharge shaft

Underground dam

Dugwell Recharge