Weight Loss Program

Integrated Village Development Programme:

Aashwasan-village Micro level program (VMIP):

VMIP is a process of involving the communities directly in framing the development plan of the villages, and also ensuring optimum utilization of resource.


A five-day long exercise in a particular village in the Integrated District by a team of Village Planning Facilitators usually in groups of three or more depending upon the population size' and spread of the village.

Facilitators reside in their allotted village for the entire period living on what the villagers can offer in terms of food and place to stay.

Expected Outcomes:

Registration and certificate to all children within 21 days of birth.
All deliveries by technically trained people.
Breast feeding to infants up to 6 months.
Complete Immunization of 90% children.
ORS consumption for children suffering from Diarrhea, and preventive care on respiratory problems.
All children get complete doses of vitamin A.
No child should fall under grade 3-4 of malnutrition, 30% reduction in children falling under grade 1-2.
All children complete primary education and are linked to the process of developing basic learning skills.
Awareness and knowledge among 15-24 years on HIV I AIDS. Practicing safe sexual behavior.
Reduction in children marrying before age of 18.
Ensuring protection of children from unsafe work and hazardous working conditions.
Use of Iodine salt in every housel1old.
Outreach of every family to safe drinking water sources, and no water source should remain malfunction for more than 4 days.
Safe hygiene practices to be followed by every person of the family (washing hands before and after meals and defecation).
Outreach of all for safe hygiene and sanitation facilities.
Pre and Post natal care to all pregnant women.
Village level micro-planning in every village.
Promoting behavioral change and good communication skills through spiritual learning.
Planned implementation of various child and mother development programs, and evaluating them on the basis of performance.
Data collected during VLMP
Information on various government schemes Mother and Child Health
IEC Material (Mother, Child and Key Messages)
Setting up a community monitoring system at village and Panchayat level which empowers community to come up as a pressure group and promote demand generation for safeguarding the lives of mother and children.
To empower volunteers to play A dual role as community facilitators as well as pressure persons for service delivery on service providers.
To build and create 15 model child friendly Panchayat which intensive interventions later forecasted to be replicated in all the Panchayats of a block.
Building a volunteer federation in a hierarchical manner which has representation from villages and clusters at the block and district level, and which acts as representative of the community to share various related issues.