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  • Dispersal of scholarship



  • Families found in rural areas are generally big and have low income status. Children are forced by their parents to do labor jobs at very tender age. Many brilliant children don’t complete their education just because their parents can’t afford their school fees. To make their dreams come true of such children Daati Ji Maharaj has launched a ‘Vidyarthi Protsahan Rashi Scheme’. Under which Shree Shanidham Trust distributes scholarships to all unprivileged students who are good at studies to pursue their education without interrupting the continuity.
  • Current status of rural education infrastructure is lagging. Major disparity exists between rural and urban areas. Students dwelling in rural areas receive poor level of education. Sometimes the talent of brilliant students  remains hidden due to lack of adequate sources of education and income. To help brilliant students of rural areas in shaping their carrier Daati Ji Maharaj helps them to send to abroad for studies.
  • Every month Shree Shanidham Trust distributes scholarship to 700 children studying in govt. schools of Pali District, Rajasthan. These students are allocated by education department of Pali District, Rajasthan on the basis of their marks scored and family status.