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Prevention of girl child
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Activities carried by network of shani dham trust under the guidelines of paramhans daati ji maharaj:

Programs like skits, video clippings, distribution of banners and posters are promoted to lead empowering the Indian woman today.
On Woman’s Day special rallies are carried out under guidelines of Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj in order to discourage heinous crime like female foeticide in society.
During Mahakumbh A mass rally was taken by Shree Shani Dham Trust at the arena of Mahanirvanee. The supporters of rally appealed against female foeticide. A large public carried the wooden boards conveying message to promote water, land, Ganga river conservation. Crowd was chanting slogans against female foeticide. During the rally poster of female foetus in the clutches of human hand shaped as animal claw was displayed with a message, Don’t kill me! Various messages on wooden boards were displayed such as ‘Make earth Green!’ ‘ Stop female foeticide! Its not an alternative, it’s a daughter!’ ‘Plant more trees’