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Prevention of girl child
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Prevention Of Girl Child:

Campaign on prohibition of female foeticide:

Paramhans daati ji maharaj says men and women are born equal....

  The constitution of India gives equality to all the citizens irrespective of the gender. Unfortunately such a situation doesn’t exist in Indian society. Women are regarded as second class citizens in our country. Such was not the case in ancient India. Our scriptures mention many notable women poets, administrators, religious leaders and philosophers. Men considered it an honor to place women as their equal. But as centuries went by the position of women deteriorated in this country. So much so that there came a time when women were considered to be a commodity to be baught and sold in the market. She was banished to the four walls of the house. She was denied the right to education and expression. Her position reached an all time low, when parents started killing her as soon as she was born. With the advent of modern times the situation of Women has shown only a marginal improvement. Even today there are pockets of villagers where female foeticides are practiced. Bride burning, public molestation, harassment at the place of work and dual responsibilities of home and work place have reduced the existence of a woman to machine. Steps are currently being taken to bring about social sensitization for women. But it will be a long time before the status of women in the country undergoes a radical change.

Social evil female foeticide is the main bane of the society. You as a part of society can take steps to prevent them....BY PARAMHANS DAATI JI MAHARAJ Join a fight back against foeticide by paramhans daati ji maharaj....


A DEATH UNVALUED: Female Foeticide in India....

  Once in our lives, most of us have heard that a child is a gift from God. Though whatever biology may suggest, it is not uncommon sight in India to see couples praying to be blessed with a child. But almost half of India, no longer considers it a blessing if that child happens to be a girl. The blessing soon becomes a curse and precious gift is done away with as soon as possible before extending another demand to God, that of a male child. The doing away often includes either being given in marriage to another toddler or worse, slaying her even before she can take one free breath. Of late, technology seems to have facilitated this diabolical slaughter even before the birth of the child in the form of FEMALE FOETICIDE....