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Medical van:

Medical van offers comprehensive facilities with human touch. This van was made functional by the honorable ex. chief minister of Rajasthan’ Vasundhra Raje Sindhia’. It is equipped with :
E.C.G. Machine
X- Ray Machine
All Pathological tests facilities
Pharmacy for free distribution of Medicines. This Van frequently visits the rural areas to provide free health check up facilities to the under privileged and deprived cadre of society.

This van frequently visits the rural areas and provide free health check up facilities to the under privileged and deprived constituents of society.

Now days health industry has become a business oriented. Good Doctors want to work in urban areas to raise their income levels. As a consequence many rural areas of India remain deprived of medical facilities. Many people die in rural villages because of lack of adequate medical facility during the hour of need. Shree Shanidham trust has always made a beginning to help such unprivileged people. To reach out regions deprived of health facility, Shree Shanidham Trust has launched a Daati Gareeb Card Yojana under this scheme people are allowed to avail benefit of free health check up facility. On monthly basis rural regions spread in Pali District, Sirohi District and Ajmer are allocated. Medical camps are organized. Poor and needy people entitled under Daati Gareeb Card Yojana derive a benefit of free health check-up. Free medicines are distributed to them. A team of trained Doctors and Practitioners visits along the van to treat the needy patients. To raise health standard in these rural regions this team of Doctors and Practitioners also conducts seminars and brings awareness about health, hygiene and sanitation among uneducated people. Such camps are held eight times in a month and about 30,000 no. of poor and needy people derive benefit of free health check-up.

Daati ji says, ‘Healthy mind can work better and widely. Foremost to stay fit should be the motive of person. One should commit to fit before making any move in life. Healthy and strong person can live long. We must first take care of our body then only can enjoy wealth.’