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Free eye surgery camps:

Due to lack of resources of health care and trained professionals it has been seen many people are not diagnosed on time. The percentage of people of poor eye sight and cataract in rural areas are on high. Access to health care and social services are critical issues in rural areas. Shree Shanidham Trust is dedicated to provide care to such unprivileged communities. Mission of trust is to eliminate maximum number of cataract patients from rural areas of Rajasthan. Dr. Arun Sindhavi, Senior consultant ophthalmology, M.D. AIIMS, FRCS UK, Dr. Shashank Garg, Senior Consultant ophthalmology, M.D. AIIMS, FRCS UK have been contributing to fulfill this mission and involved in restoring sight back to poor and needy people. Trust is concentrating to provide early access of health facilities to rural areas. Medical camps are organized by Trust frequently. During these camps cataract patients are enlisted and when their number exceeds 100 then eye surgery camp is organized at Aashwasan Baal Gram.

Every month free eye surgery camps are organized for eye operations. They are performed with a technique of phacoemulsification and phaconit using the best quality Germany make machines, microscope, foldable and multifocal lenses.

The surgery is suture less, injection less and painless with no rest required in post operative period. In this surgery natural eye lens is removed and intra ocular lens is implanted. After this surgery light spectacles are used.

Operation theater

Operation theater for eye surgeries has been established at Aashwasan Baal Gram, Alawas, Distt. Pali Raj. It is dark, closely packed split hall with two hydraulic pressure surgery tables. It is well fumigated before operation. This OT has been provided with the best of surgery arrangements.

Equipments used for treatment are:

Carl Zeiss Surgical Microscope used for cataract operation. This is Germany make machine one of the best name in world.
Auto Refractrometer Carl Zeiss for power check.

Slit lamp Carl Zeiss or illumination check.

During the camps Free spectacles are distributed to people having poor eye sight. Prevention is better than cure. Trained professionals conduct seminars on eye care in order to bring awareness among people of rural areas.