Weight Loss Program

Routine medical camps:

Shree Shani Dham Trust is continuously working towards health related issues in the rural tribal areas of the country. It has made its beginning in organizing medical camps and free health checkups in the backwards areas of Rajasthan.

The objective is to provide health facilities especially to deprived women and children and create awareness about HIV, AIDS, T.B., Polio and Leprosy. Every month about 3000 to 4000 patients are examined by general physicians and also given vocational training on epidemic and communicable diseases.

Pulse polio and tuberculosis campaign:

Trust has had the opportunity to play an active and effective role to contribute in the Pulse Polio Campaign. Gurukul Aashwasan Baal Gram has been identified as a Booth along with some of the staff members being selected as the volunteers for the campaign. Aashwasan Mobile Hospital equipped with latest Medical Equipments can reach and benefit the remotest of villages.

Tuberculosis (dots):

Tuberculosis has always been on the priority list of Aashwasan. The Mobile Hospital has all the facilities to check the TB cases and maintain the records of the patients.

24 hours emergency and ambulance services:

Trust is providing round the clock Amulance Service using eight Cost free eight Ambulances and one fully equipped Trauma Ambulance all stationed on Rashtriya Raj Marg 14, Beawar, Pali, Desuri Naal, Tribal belt Bali, Goria, Bhimana, Kuran, Sojat Road.

Recently cataract eye surgery medical center has been established at Gurukul Aashwasan Baal Gram, Alawas.