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Tree plantation
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Planting climbers and bushes :
Places where trees can not be planted can be covered with bushes and smaller plants. Another possibility is to have climbers. Which require very little space to grow but provide a large leafy area. They can brighten up the boundary walls, pillars and ugly looking sites.
After care :
The after care of saplings till they reach a certain age and height is essential. Once rain cease, the saplings need to be watered regularly, protected from cattle cattle , pests and insects, given manure.
Some flowering trees are :
Peepal, amaltas, palas, Indian coral tree, Kachnar, Bel, Sengan, Kadam, Champa, Bhendi, Amla, Jamun, Ashoka etc.

Trees clean air to breath and water to drink. They help in maintaining stable climate and make landscape vibrant, nourishing and beautiful.

Aims and objectives of green wave towards tree plantation:

To provide guidelines for tree plantation among illiterate community.
To work with poor and oppressed.
Free distribution of seeds of flowering plants to encourage tree plantation.
To teach various methods of sowing seeds.
To teach ways and means of pre and post germination care of seeds.

Aims and objectives of green wave towards tree plantation:

On world environment Day rallies are taken out to educate poor society about the importance of trees.
Each person is encouraged to plant tree.
Display of banners, posters, video clips are used for promotion of campaign of tree plantation.
Every individual needs to take steps in order to make India a better place to live....Come on lets help to make a clean and green country free from sins....BY PARAMHANS DAATI JI MAHARAJ