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Tree plantation
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Enviornmental benefits of trees:

Trees clean air.
Trees improve water quality.
Trees save energy.
Trees raise real estate value.
Trees are good for business.
Four trees planted around a home can save upto 30% on cooling costs.
Forty trees remove about 36kg of air pollutants annually.
Four hundred trees capture 140,000 gallons of rainwater annually.
One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and put out four tons of oxygen.
The ambient air temperature difference between an urban heat island and a vegetated area can be as much as 2-10 degrees F. The temperature measured directly above man-made surfaces can be as much as 25 degrees F hotter than the air temperature beneath a forested area.
Save trees! Trees are life.
Don’t bark up my tree!
Trees: Treat our existing ecosystem sacredly!
Trees are root of our existences!
Plant trees for your better tomorrow!
Afraid of future?
Then plant trees today....
Tree plantation can solve Global warming, The ozone layer, Air pollution, Water pollution.
Plant trees and save environment!
Save earth! We have no where else to go!
The earth is yours, save it!
Reduce, reuse and recycle!
He who plants trees loves others beside himself!
Plant trees and protect environment!
Live the green dream!
Live green, Love green, Think green!
Trees save us, we have to save tree first!
Save a tree, Save energy, save the world!

Followed are some tips on planting tree

Spacing of trees
Trees serve a natural habitat, which provides support to wide variety of flora and fauna. They provide a sense of privacy and security to wildlife seeking shelter in the woods, apart from providing them with food and nutrients.
Direction of planting trees
Trees should be planted especially on the South and South- west direction of the building. This would give shade during summers. Large growing species are particularly desirable at rearwards.
When to plant trees :
Winter is the best time for planting deciduous trees as they are dormant at this period and hence less likely to suffer from damage. For evergreen and semi- deciduous trees rainy season is the best time for planting. During spring i.e. January and February. At this time all the factors required for tree growth are present. Thus, that is a good time for young saplings to be planted. For most species and most areas planting is carried out during monsoons. It is advisable to start planting work immediately after good shower and when the ground is well moistened to the depth of planting.