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Water Wardens And Asstt. Water Wardens:

It is proposed to nominate about 500 water wardens and 150 asstt. Water wardens ( one each from school students young and old age group). These wardens shall be imparted training to make them conversant with Jal Board water supply systems and methods of conservation of water including saving that can be affected in day to day household uses. The selection of the water wardens will be made from young and old age group habitant of rural areas whereas Asstt. Water warden will be nominated from schools and colleges.

Responsibilities of Water Wardens/ Asstt. Wardens:

Watch for leakages, bursting of water lines/ faulty water devices etc.

Passing on of information regarding leakages etc. to Jal Board control rooms/ concerned officials at the earliest.

To ensure rectification of the reported matters.

Bring about awareness of water conservation measures in all spheres of activity.

Disseminate information regarding depletion of ground level and its consequences.

To provide technical assistance to citizens desirous of implementing simpler and effective rain water harvesting techniques and methods.

Membership incentives for water wardens/ Asst.- water wardens:

The services of efficient dedicated water wardens will duly acknowledged by way of award of water savior certificates, publicity through media etc. scheme of attractive gifts may also be considered in case of highly deserving individuals.

For the young Asstt. Water wardens quiz/ essay competitions will be held on a regular basis.

Water Van:

Water van is an educational ourtreach program offered by PARAMHANS DAATI JI MAHARAJ. The contents of presentations will specifically designed to coordinate with all citizens and students of rural and tribal area. Young and old age group people will be encouraged to supply information and assist the presenters during interactive presentation. Various models will be displayed on:

Water cycle

Our use of water

Weather conditions

Water conservation

The importance of wetlands

Adaptation and classification of some native wetlands plants and animals.

Activities Carried By Network Of Shani Dham Trust Under The Guidelines Of Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj

On World water day and other occasions like during onset of monsoon rallies are taken out to arouse enthusiasm and education among rural communities. Van of Shani Dham Trust visits to nearby villages of Pali Distt. Rajasthan e.g. Roopawas, Chopra, Ragura, Beerawas, Kanhawas, Bhatinda, Lolawas, Gagura, Ghangarwas, Naya Gaonv etc. to inculcate awareness about water conservation and rain Harvestation among poor communities.

Educational programs like skits, display of boards, distribution of banners, display of models, promotion of rain water harvesting and recharge of wells are conducted by team of social workers of Shani Dham Trust.