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VISION OF PARAMHANS DAATI JI MAHARAJ: In the service of mankind- building equitable, democratic and environmentally sustainable society.

MISSION: Striving for sustainable development processes and improvement in the quality of life of vulnerable people like tribal, women and children through their organization and capacity building efforts.

INSIGHT OF PARAMHANS DAATI JI MAHARAJ: Building capacity and confidence among local people is more important than building heavy equipments. Consultation, coordination and collaboration form the backbone:

Consultation with local people in the first instance and throughout the life cycle of any initiative to understand their perspectives, desires and needs, and to develop solutions that incorporate their ideas.

Co-ordination among government, aid agencies donors and businesses in moving from a mindset of aiding to one of empowering local communities.

Collaboration among all community, regional, national and international stakeholders to agree priorities, synchronise efforts and maximize impact. Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj has established a network aimed at promoting water conservation, tree plantation and female foeticide.

Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj says,’ Water is life, save life!’

Water is one of the nature’s most important gifts to mankind. Its essential for life. A person’s survival depends on water. Water is one of the most essential element of good health. Water is key a key component in determining quality of our lives. Today, Although water covers more than 70% of the earth, only 1% if the earth’s water is available as a source of drinking. Yet our society continues to contaminate and waste this preci

ous resource...

Water conservation:

A step to conserve water is the step to secure future. The most essential among all the natural resources on earth is water. A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold for the thirsty man. If each one of us make efforts to save water today, it will save us later. Water conservation is the most effective and environmentally sound method to fight global warming. Water conservation is what can reduce scarcity of water. It aims to improve the efficiency of use of water, and reduce losses and waste.


Avoid leakage of water from the taps.

Turn off the tap when not in use especially when you brush your teeth or wash clothes.

Rain water harvesting is another method to conserve water.

The water supply should be limited in those areas which enjoys the unlimited water supplies.

Check the leakage of water in toilets.

Educate the mind of the people in the rural areas to save the water.

Promote conservation of water through media and wall posters.

Never throw the water unnecessary on roads which can be used for gardening and cleaning.

Avoid unnecessary flushing in toilets.

Use minimum amount of water to bath.

Water waste restrictions.

Improvement in the water distribution system.

Don’t leave the running while washing dishes in the kitchen.

Install small shower heads to reduce flow of water.