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To put a smile on sad face gives him immense satisfaction and happiness. He is a ray of hope to millions..................of deprived and under-privileged.

He has achieved precious gems by drowning down into the realization Swawaghan, Jyotish ( Astrology), Yoga, Medicine, Swawaghan, side by side achieving a specific completeness with grace of ‘Shani’ thereby can relieve people from the Lord Shani relating problems.

It is not an easy job for the masses to evaluate the heights he has reached in Yoga & self realization. His talent as a writer and a lecturer is queer & unique. His talent is matchless in every field, it may be Yog Sadhana, Philosphy or the astrological analysis. His lectures & written literature on Ayurvedic, knowledge and on different subjects of physical field, is enlightening every country and direction. He wishes to see happiness on the face of every human being. He shares his experiences & thoughts, for the welfare of all. His doors are open to all without any bias or partiality.
Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj, is a name given by thousands of his disciples and children with love.

His three point Program, the only religion, comprises of :

Be loyal towards ones mother land.
Respect and serve ones parents.
One should maintain the marriage alliance truthfully.

Triple SSS ( Seva- Satsanga- Sumiran)
Seva: A service rendered without remuneration.
Satsanga: Participation in spiritual forums.
Sumiran: An effort to know oneself.

He had set-forth with a view to eradicate the myths and misconceptions about Lord Shani. His uniting efforts have stirred the thought process and have turned many negative thoughts to curiosity and this curiosity thus has resulted in understanding Lord Shani. ‘ All planets control the universe and Shani is the chief controller’. ‘ Bhagya Vidhata, Karam Ka Data’.

Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj’s Dhyana & Yoga techniques are antidote to physical and mental stress and thus help to overcome the negativity. These techniques help in achieving self realization and self- enlightenment and also enhance self esteem by strengthening control over ones emotions.

In today’s materialistic world where it seems material matters the most everyone is curious to know what the future beholds.

Astrology is a Science which helps in satisfying this curiosity, infact astrology is honored by ancient Vedas. Among all six parts of Vedas actually known as eye of Vedas. Bringing back the ancient Vedas of astrology Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj has done a lot of research in this field to promote the real picture of Astrology. In his journey he has achieved perfection in his prediction. He fully emphasizes on the need for setting up the right infrastructure and support from all quarters for Research and Astrology.

By the boundless grace of Supreme Divine Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj is versatile and possesses a wealth of talents. He is such a profound ascetic that various facets of theoretical and behavioral knowledge have remarkably incorporated in him. An ascetic of uncommon conduct who believes in all round development of mortal beings has adapted divine knowledge, Karma and Bhakti Yoga to great extent that in subsequent to which the great saint has set an ideal example in front of whole world. In the enlightenment of which a detached saint as well as householder, both kind of people can find an easy and simple means to accomplish their goals. Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj is engrossed in expansion of deeds of advancing his high ideals, Indian culture and spiritual enlightenment. He is well established saint who holds unlimited love for his nation and citizens. The renowned ascetic is replete with humanity and day & night actively engaged in social acts.

Each work He carries out with dedication, intense efforts, keen interest and cheerfulness. To accomplish the motive of spread of Dhyan and Gyan among all people, he consistently fills energy and vital force of Pranas in his devotees by the mode of spiritual skills.